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Welcome to the academy of gelatin art. Attend our online classes from anywhere in the world and learn how to make wonderful gelatin art desserts and cakes from scratch. No previous experience needed.

Gelatin Art Class

Lesson 1 - Preparing Clear Gelatin

In this first lesson we will show you how to prepare the clear gelatin base.  



Gelatin Art Class

Lesson 2 - Preparing The Color Base

In this lesson you can learn how to prepare and handle the color base used to draw flowers.                          



Gelatin Art Class

Lesson 3 - Drawing with needles

Learn how to draw different types of flowers using sharp and blunt tip needles.



Gelatin art class

Lesson 4 - Drawing with Gelatin Art Tools

Learn the difference between different types of gelatin art tools and how to draw flowers using tools.



Gelatin art class

Lesson 5 - Assembling a cake

Learn how to add colorful backgrounds and assemble large gelatin art desserts.





Gelatin Art Class

Lesson 6 - Mousse

Learn how to make mousse that goes well with gelatin art desserts and cakes.




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