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Bring your flower desserts to life by adding a quick colorful background.

Gelatin Art

For a darker background, put a few drops of food coloring directly onto the gelatin surface and smudge it around with a brush or a paper napkin.

Gelatine Flowers

For lighter colors, dilute the color in a little bit of water before you apply it onto gelatin.

Use one color for the whole dessert or mix and match colors that go well with the color of the drawn flower.

if you didn't have enough time or space to add leaves to your flowers, make a few green spots on the back of the dessert to make them look more interesting.

3D Jelly

When you are finished, cover the back of the dessert with a paper napkin to soak up the excess food coloring.

As time progresses, gelatin will soak up the color and sharp lines will disappear creating a more subtle transition between colors.

 Below is an example of a background that was freshly made (Left) and one that was made 24 hours ago (Right).

Gelatin Art Colors


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