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3D Gelatin

To start making the hibiscus flower center, cut a short piece of a drinking straw and coat it with a drop of cooking oil to prevent it from sticking to gelatin.

Insert the straw piece into gelatin at a desired angle. 

Working with Gelatin


Use a small gelatin art tool or a similar device and remove as much gelatin from the straw center as you can.

Gelatin Art Tool


Take a thin, blunt needle and bend the tip at a slight angle. 

Gelatin Art Tool


Insert the needle tip through the straw and draw random shapes at all sides of the straw. 

Gelatin Art Tool


Remove the straw carefully and fill the hole with yellow color base.

If the straw causes the gelatin to tear, fill the entire area with melted clear gelatin and allow it to set for a couple hours before continuing.

Gelatin Art Hibiscus Center


Choose a color for your hibiscus flower and draw petals around the center using a wide gelatin art tool such as the ones shown below.

Gelatin Art Tool   Gelatin Art Tools

Decorate the flower with leaves and baby's breath as desired.

Gelatin Art Flower


To Learn more about gelatin art, visit our instructions page.

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