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Make mold

If you have an interesting object or figurine that you would like to re-create in gelatin, you can use this simple process to create a silicone mold and copy the object shape.

For this process you will need corn starch and 100% food-safe silicone.
Make sure the silicone package indicates that the product is either food-safe or food-grade to ensure there are no toxic ingredients in it.

Place a plastic cover on your work surface and pour some corn starch on top of it.
Squeeze a desired amount of silicone onto the corn starch powder. 

Starch and silicone

Silicone is very sticky! Roll it around in corn starch and try to avoid touching it directly. Knead the silicone gently until you reach the desired consistency. 

Roll Silicone Knead Silicone

There will be a lot of corn starch left unused. You will be able to sift and re-use it later. Proceed with creating the mold before the silicone has hardened.

Cover the object you wish to use with a thin layer of cooking oil to prevent it from sticking to silicone. 

Press the object into the silicone dough and leave it to dry. The silicone product packaging should indicate what is the expected drying time.

Make duck Make Fish Mold

When the silicone has hardened, remove the object from it gently. The impression in the silicone should bear a fairly good resemblance of the inserted object.

When you are ready to use the mold, fill it with color base and leave it in the fridge to set. Shapes made with thicker color bases come out of the mold more easily. Either use a color base with heavy cream or increase the amount of gelatin in the recipe for best results.

 Fill mold

Remove the shape from the mold and add color as desired.

Fish Mold 3D Jelly Fish

Fish in Jelly

Sea shell mold:

Sea shell Sea shell mold

Many objects you have around the house can be used to make silicon molds.

Duck Mold Duck Mold

Tip: To make the mold more flexible, you can add a few drops of glycerine to it. 

This is one of the simplest ways to make a silicone mold. Molds made using this method might turn yellow over time or absorb color from the color base poured into them.

There is a wide variety of different methods and recipes available for creating molds. YouTube is a good source of videos and detailed instructions for creating different types of silicone molds.



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