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Gelatin Art NeedleGelatin Art Needle

A large needle with two side openings can be used to create large flowers fairly quickly. 

The petal shape created with this needle is quite unpredictable. Every petal will be different and unique.


This technique requires the dessert to be at least 5cm deep. The deeper the gelatin the easier it is to make a petal. It is not recommended to use this needle in small containers.


To create a flower, start by creating a flower center. 
You can use the same needle to make several small petals. Insert the needle tip and apply only a little bit of pressure to create several tiny spikes.

 Gelatin Art Instructions

If you wish, you can also create the center using regular sharp needles or small gelatin art tools.

When the center is finished, start inserting the needle deeper and apply more pressure to create petals around the center.

Before you insert the needle, do your best to push the air out of the needle. When an air bubble enters the petal, it will look like a hole in the flower.
Re-filling this type of a petal is somewhat challenging and may cause the petal to become misshapen. Let a few drops of the color base flow out of the needle before you insert it. This will help keep the air out of the needle.

Gelatin Art Instructions

Continue adding petals and place them in the gaps between petals from the previous row. Add more white color as you move away from the center to create a more realistic flower.

 Gelatin Art Flower


You can also create an interesting flower with thin petals by applying a minimal amount of pressure when the needle is inserted.

3D gelatin flower


Another way to create an interesting flower is to fill the syringe with two different colors.

Gelatin Art Instructions

These two colors add a subtle dept to the complexity of the flower.

 3D Jelly flower


This large needle can also be used to make leaves and other types of elongated shapes.


You can use this technique to quickly fill empty spaces around flowers.

Gelatin Art


 This video shows how to create flowers with this needle:




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