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Gelatin ArtGelatin is a form of collagen derived from processed bone broth.
It has been used for human consumption for centuries and, with all the positive feedback arriving from the scientific community, it is slowly reclaiming its’ former glory.

As more and more people are becoming aware of the existence and importance of gelatin, many health and beauty benefits are being discovered and attributed to this amazing ingredient.

Listed below are only a few benefits linked to the increased gelatin intake.

  • Improved general joint and bone health
  • Reduced digestion problems and discomfort
  • Thicker, fuller, healthy looking hair
  • Stronger nails
  • Improved sleep quality

Back in the days when our grandmothers raised their own animals, they came up with many nutritional meals to make sure no edible animal parts went to waste. Hearty soups and stews ensured we got plenty of natural gelatin in our diets.

Today, most of the gelatin-rich animal parts are removed from our everyday meals and most of us opt for gelatin deprived meats like stakes, burgers, chicken breast, etc…

With its’ recent rise to fame, gelatin is finding its’ way back to our dining-room tables. More and more people are starting to include gelatin in their diet and  supplement schedules, but many are still missing out on its’ wonderful benefits.

Gelatin Art is just one way to raise awareness of this wonderful resource and to help increase it’s consumption on a daily bases.