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Gelatin Art Needles - Assorted Sizes



A set of needles of different types and sized, perfect for making various shapes in gelatin.

Sharp and blunt tip needles included:

Sharp tip sizes:

1 1/2 inch 22G
1 1/2 inch 22G
1 1/2 inch 16G

Blunt tip sizes:

1 1/2 inch 22G
1 1/2 inch 20G
1 1/2 inch 18G
1 1/2 inch 16G
4 inch 16G

Thin sharp-tip needles are used to draw petals and leaves.

Large needles can be used to make petals by injecting a single line of color into gelatin. 

Blunt tip needles are used to add color to shapes drawn with sharp needles and other gelatin art tools. Blunt edge ensures the color is added without causing additional scrapes and lines in the design. They are also great for creating baby's breath flowers in gelatin.

Extended length allows you to reach and fill the deepest corners of your desert.