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Gelatin Art Starter Kit #1 + 1 Gelatin Art Tool

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Buy A Gelatin Art Starter Kit #1 And Get A Free Gelatin Art Tool!
Offer valid while quantities last.

This kit contains ingredients and supplies for making Gelatin Art Flowers with needles. 

Learn this wonderful art yourself or surprise the baker in your family with this easy-to-use, fun and engaging starter kit. 


- High Quality Gelatin Powder Bloom 280 (200gr)

- Citric acid

- Vanilla sugar

- Food coloring

- Food Flavoring

- Syringes

- Blunt and sharp edge needles

- Ultra absorbent tissues

- Plastic containers #1001 (15 Pcs)

+ 1 Gelatin Art Tool

This product contains ingredients to create approximately 40 desserts using the provided plastic molds.