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Edible lace recipe with gum tragacanth / tylose and corn starch

1 Tbsp. Icing sugar 
1 Tsp. Tragacanth powder (or tylose powder)
70ml Boiling hot water
1 Tsp. Glycerine
2 Tbsp. Corn starch
2 Tsp. White food color (optional)

Mix icing sugar and tragacanth powder. Blend them well and break up any lumps in the dry powder.

Boil 70ml of water. Pour the water over Icing sugar and tragacanth and mix with an electric mixer immediately.  

Let the mixture rest for 15 minutes and then mix it again with an electrical mixer until all the lumps have disappeared. 

Add glycerine, white food color and corn starch. Mix until the mass is even. 

Allow the mixture to cool before use.

Store the mixture in an air tight container or wrapped in plastic cling wrap. 

Lace mixture can be used immediately or left it in the fridge to thicken up. It can last in the fridge for several days.

Please note that this edible lace recipe is not suitable for use in gelatin art desserts. Recipe for edible lace with gelatin can be found here. 

Instructions on how to work with lace can be found here.