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Gelatin Art For Kids - Fun and Easy

Gelatin Art for Kids

Making gelatin art is a fun and engaging kids activity that will bring out the artist in every kid. 

Gelatin Art made by childrenHere are some photos our customer sent in of her grandkids having a "jelly-good" time at grandma's. 

 Gelatin Art - Safe for small children

Using a small dripper instead of a needle is a good way to keep the little ones safe.

A syringe without a needle can also be used to allow little hands to make shapes in gelatin.

Kids Gelatin ArtThis delicious piece of art was named "Depths Of The Sea" by the artist himself!


Another kid-safe gelatin art tool is a simple drinking straw. Cut it at an angle to create a spike and let your kids draw petals with it. Keep the gelatin center hole filled with liquid gelatin and replace it as soon as it starts to thicken up.

Gelatin Art with a straw

Older kids that can handle sharp objects safely can use regular needles and gelatin art tools.

Kids making Gelatin Art

You will be amazed how quickly they learn and how imaginative they can get! 

Gelatin Art Made By KidsGelatin Art Made By Kids

 ...and the best part is enjoying the delicious fruits of your labor at the end of the day:

Gelatin Art for Kids

Gelatin art made by kids:

Gelatin Art made by Kids

To find out more about making gelatin art visit our instructions page.


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