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Easy Gelatin Art Cake Background

Gelatin Art CakeHere is a great idea on how to make a gelatin art cake using only one small flower.


Start your cake by preparing the clear gelatin base and leaving it in the fridge overnight. 

Depending on the size of your dish, you might need to multiply the recipe several times. The basic recipe makes just over one liter of gelatin.

When the gelatin has set, draw a single flower in the center of the dish.

Gelatin Art Rose

(For basic instructions on how to make gelatin art flowers check out our instructions page)

To fill the space around the flower use a metal heat pad with an interesting pattern. The thicker the metal the faster you will be able to imprint it's shape into gelatin.

Tie 2-3 strings or wires to the heat pad to make it easier to hold and immerse it into boiling water for half a minute.

Lift the metal piece out of the water carefully and lower it onto the gelatin surface to leave an impression.

Melting Gelatin

Lift the metal and use a napkin to absorb the excess melted gelatin from the surface.

Gelatin Art

If you are using a thin heat pad, you will need to repeat this process several times.

Once you are happy with the depth of the impression, pour a little bit of the color base into it. 

Gelatin Art cake back

When the color base in the indentation thickens up, mix another color into the remained of the color base and cover the entire back of your cake with it.

If you like, you can add more height to your cake by filling the rest of your container with mousse. This will not only enhance the look of your cake but it will make it so much more delicious. 

Gelatin Art Cake

As soon as the mousse thickens up, you can take the cake out of the dish and serve it.

To take the cake out of the dish, immerse it in warm water for a few seconds and turn it upside down onto a serving tray. More information about working with gelatin can be found on our instructions page.

Gelatin Art Flower Cake

This is a great idea if you are preparing a large batch of cakes for a bake sale or a family gathering. Someone not experienced in gelatin art can help you make the background while you draw the flowers and you'll finish the whole batch in no time at all.

 Gelatin Art Cake Slice

To learn how to make gelatin art visit our instructions page.


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