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How to make a cherry blossom

 Gelatin Art Jello Flowers - Cherry Blossom

A cherry blossom cake is perfect for weddings, birthdays and parties. 

You can make a big batch by using a large casserole pan and cutting the cake into many small pieces. These gentle color shades are perfect for bridal and baby showers too. 


Here is what you will need:
- Gelatin Powder
- Milk
- Sugar
- Food flavoring 
- Burgundy food coloring
Cocoa or brown food coloring
- Green coloring (optional)
- Vanilla sugar (optional)
- Heavy 35% cream (optional)


Tools: Syringe with a sharp-tip needle, a clear plastic cup, a gelatin cutting tool (or a thin soda can).

 You can find all the recipes here


Start by making a clear gelatin base. Pour the gelatin into a clear casserole pan and leave it in the fridge overnight.

When the gelatin has completely set, make small holes where you flowers are going to be.

It helps if you draw lines on a piece of paper and place it underneath the pan. Seeing where the pieces will be cut, helps determine where to put the flower holes.

 Prepare the gelatin color base and allow it to cool down. Separate a small portion (1 or 2 Tsp.) and mix it with with enough burgundy coloring to achieve a dark shade. Use a syringe and a needle to create the flower center by creating several thin lines in the middle of each hole.

Gelatin Art Jello Flowers

 When you are done, wash the needle and syringe thoroughly. Take some more of the color base into a small container and place a tiny bit of burgundy coloring or a few drops of the dark burgundy base into it to create a light pink color. 

Cut a thin strip out of a plastic cup and make a circular shape at the end of it.

 Push the plastic piece into gelatin around the flower center and fill it with the pink color base. Create five petals around each center. 

Gelatin Art Jello Flowers Gelatin Art Jello Flowers

 If you don't have a gelatin cutting tool, cut a thin strip out of a soda can and fold it to create a circle that you can use to cut gelatin.

(Be very careful when cutting soda cans, the thin metal sheets are very sharp and you can easily cut yourself if you are not careful. Discard any unused metal parts immediately.)

Cut the branches in gelatin and remove the gelatin from the incision. Make a different branch for every flower to make each cake piece unique. 

Gelatin Art Jello Flowers

At this stage you can mix in some green color base, if you wish to add leaves, or you can leave them out. Use the syringe with the needle again to draw leaves in gelatin.

Gelatin Art Jello Flowers

To fill the branches, add brown coloring to the color base and fill the trails in gelatin with a syringe. You can prepare and use a chocolate color base here too. It is a bit more work, but it will add a nice rich chocolate flavor to the dessert. The chocolate base also won't release any color into gelatin and your dessert will stay beautiful for a long time.

Gelatin Art Jello Flowers

When the color base in the branches thickens up, you can pour the remainder of you white color base into the pan to cover the bottom of the dessert. Make more color base if you don't have enough to cover the whole bottom.

You can cut and serve the cake as it is now or you can add another layer of mousse to make it more extravagant and delicious.

Prepare the mouse according to this recipe link .

Pour the mousse quickly into the pan and distribute it evenly before it starts to thicken up. Let the cake cool in the fridge for a few hours.


To take the cake out of the casserole pan, fill the kitchen sink with warm tap water and lower the casserole pan into it. When the pan warms up, the gelatin edges will start to melt and release the gelatin from the container. When shaken a bit, the whole cake will move slightly in the pan when the gelatin has been detached from the pan. 

 Remove the pan from water, put a tray with elevated edges on top of it and turn them both upside down. Be careful when you are doing this, gelatin is quite heavy and slippery. 

Gelatin Art Jello Flowers

If you have kept the gelatin in warm water for too long, there will be a lot of liquid gelatin flowing around when the cake is released. Not to worry, paper towels placed around the cake will absorb the excess, just make sure you don't let it drip all over the kitchen as it ti very sticky and hard to see.

If there are any mousse smudges on the top of the cake, wash them off with warm water.

Discard the used paper towels carefully and wash your hands well.

Cut the cake to separate each flower into a separate cake slice. 

 Gelatin Art Jello Flowers

Serve with a chocolate drizzle or whipping cream and get ready to receive tons of compliments! 

Gelatin Art Jello Flowers - Cherry Blossom


For more instructions on how to use gelatin visit our instructions page.