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Want to eat more gelatin? Try savory flowers!


Savory Gelatin Art

No doubt you have heard about all the health benefits of gelatin by now.

It's good for your joints, it's good for your digestion, it helps you sleep better and it even makes your hair and skin look pretty, but how to get enough of it in your diet without packing in all the additional calories that come with the sugar in gelatin art desserts?

Well, one way to increase your gelatin intake and leave your guests in awe is to use it to decorate your cold-cuts,sandwiches and salads. 

Gelatin Art FlowerPrepare a salty gelatin base (3 Tbsp. gelatin powder, 4 cups of water and a pinch of salt) and then use mayonnaise, mustard or a smooth salad dressing to make flowers.

 Make sure the dressing is free of any clumps or spices that could clog your needle. 

Here are some examples of flowers you can make, a rose made out of mayo, pepper-centered salad dressing gerbera or a mustard carnation. 

 Don't have guests coming over? That's OK, cut the gelatin flowers in slices and use them in a sandwich. What a great way to liven up a dry sandwich and add some protein to it! 


Find out how to make gelatin flower desserts: