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Leopard spot background for gelatin art cakes

Leopard Gelatin Art

To create a leopard spot background for your gelatin art flowers use food coloring to draw directly onto the gelatin surface.

Start by using dark gel colors to create the outline of each spot on the back of your gelatin art cake. After that, use a reddish liquid or gel color to fill each individual spot. 

Gelatin Drawing  Gelatin Drawing

Smaller spots make a more consistent design but larger ones are quicker to complete.

Don't worry about being precise, gelatin will absorb the color and sharp lines will blend into each other over time.
Gelatin Drawing  Gelatin Drawing

When the design is complete, place a paper napkin over the drawn area to absorb the excess coloring.
Paper napkin

Prepare a small amount of transparent gelatin and add a few drops of yellow and red food coloring to make it look orange.

Pour the orange gelatin over the drawing and leave it in the fridge to set.

Leopard Print Gelatin Art   Leopard Print Gelatin Art

Leopard Gelatin Art

When the last layer of gelatin is firm, finish the dessert with some white color base or layers of delicious mousse.

Leopard Gelatin Art


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