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Baby shower gelatin art cakes

Baby Shower Cake

Are you looking for an interesting idea for a baby shower treat?

Well, how about a creamy gelatin art cake with cute little teddy bears?

Gelatin art cakes are visually stunning and sure to impress all your guests.

Best of all, they are gluten free and absolutely delicious!


Watch the video below to see how this cake is made:



Flowers and teddy bears are made from milk, sugar, cream and gelatin. You can find the recipe here.  


Teddy Bear

You can make all sorts of shapes using fondant molds and baking pans. Bears, snowmen, dinosaurs, butterflies... All animals are a popular choice for baby showers, kid's parties and birthdays. They can be added to a gelatin art cake or served as a separate dessert.  Detailed instructions on how to use molds with gelatin can be found here.


Flower Cake

Different kinds of gelatin are cakes can be created using this method. Fruit-flavored jelly forms the outer layer and the inside is filled with layers of delicious mousse or a small flour cake.  

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a round Gelatin Art Cake can be found here.



Blue and white combination:

Gelatin Art Cake

Vanilla and chocolate:

Baby Shower Cake


If you are new to gelatin art and wish to learn the basics, visit our instructions page here.


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