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Simple and Inexpensive One-Flower Cake

Gelatin Art Cake

You don't need to break the bank to create an amazing dessert for the holidays!

This wonderful gelatin art cake costs less than $5 to make and it makes a great addition to your holiday dinner table or a wonderful hand-made gift for friends and family.

The actual cost will vary depending on the prices in your area but here is an approximate breakdown of the price:

Cake top with flower: $2.99

4 Tbsp. High Quality Gelatin Powder - $1.2
2.5 Cups Sugar - $0.5
1/2 Tsp. Fruit Flavoring - $0.5
1 Tsp. Citric Acid - $0.14
1 Cup Milk - $0.35
2/3 Tbsp. White color - $0.3
A few drops of red and green color


Creamy mousse at the bottom: $1.5 - $2

Use leftover ingredients form the cake top - $0
Add 1 Cup of whipping cream $1.5 - $2


If you are buying ingredients in bulk, the total cost should be significantly lower.



Here is how this gelatin art cake is made: 

Start by making a clear gelatin base. The recipe for the clear gelatin base can be found here. Separate approximately 1/2 cup of liquid gelatin and add in a few drops of food coloring to it. Pour the rest of the liquid gelatin into a larger transparent container and leave both containers in the fridge overnight. 

(If you can't find an acceptable plastic container, you can try using glass bowls from IKEA.)


When the gelatin has set, prepare the color base using this recipe.

Wait until the color base has cooled down to just above room temperature before drawing. Keep the color base container in warm water to prevent it from thickening up while you draw. Separate a small portion of the color base and add a few drops of red color into it to make it pink.

Make a small hole in the center of the dessert and inject petals using a syringe and a gelatin art tool of your choice. Start with a dark pink shade and keep adding more white color base into it to make it lighter with every new row of petals.

Gelatin Art Flower

To learn the basics of gelatin art visit our instructions page here.

Finish your flower with a few green leaves and put the cake back into the fridge again.

3D Gelatin

Take the container with the 1/2 cup of red clear gelatin out of the fridge and place it into warm water to make it liquid again. You may need to refresh the warm water several times before all of the gelatin has melted.

Once the red gelatin has melted, pour it over the back of the flower. Make sure it is just barely warm and not hot. Leave the cake in the fridge once again.

Fruit Jelly

Hint: You can also use fruit juice to make this dark layer of the cake. You can find the recipe for the fruit juice jelly here

Jelly flowers

To finish the cake, prepare the mousse by whipping 1 cup of cream into a soft foam.

Take the leftover color base and make sure it is completely liquid. Warm it up slightly in warm water if needed but do not make it hot. 

Hint: You should have more than half of cup of color base left to make the mousse. If you have used too much of the color base for your flower, make a another batch of the color base (without the white color) and allow it to cool down to slightly above room temperature.

When the color base has reached the right temperature, continue to mix the whipping cream and pour the color base into it.

Pour the mousse over the cake bottom right away. It will start to thicken up fast! 


Leave the cake in the fridge for several hours.


Taking the cake out of the container

To take the cake out of the container, lower it into warm water for a few seconds.

Warm water

When it is moving freely when you tilt the container, put a serving plate onto it and turn it upside down. Watch out for the excess liquid gelatin coming out around the cake.

Cake plate Jelly Flower

If there are white mousse marks on your cake, you can wash them down with a little bit of cold water.

Gelatin art steps Gelatin Art

Wipe the plate with a paper towel to remove excess liquid gelatin and water.

Paper towel

Cut and serve the cake with a little bit of whipping cream, a chocolate drizzle or just as it is.

Gelatin Art Cake

To learn more about gelatin art or access our FREE ONLINE CLASS, visit our instructions page here.


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