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Valentine's Day Gelatin Art Ideas

Valentines Day Cake 
Here is some delicious inspiration for Valentine's Day.

For chocolate lovers, you can place a gelatin art dessert on top of a chocolate cake.
Seal it with a cocoa color base for best results.
Valentines Day CakeValentines Day Cake Valentines Day Cake

Red is always a popular choice this time of year. You can place a yellow or white gelatin art flower on top of a red cake:
Valentines Day Cake Valentines Day Cake 
The red layer on this cake is not fondant. Find out how to make this cake cover from gelatin here.

You can add a tasty red background to your gelatin art desserts using naturally red fruit juices.
Cranberry, raspberry and cherry juices are good choices for a red background. Use concentrated juices for best results.Gelatin art Heart

Don't have a heart-shaped bowl? Chocolate molds make a good choice for smaller flowers.
Gelatin Art Heart Valentines Day Cake Valentines Day Cake Gelatin Art Heart

Baking pans are a good choice if you can work without seeing the flower until it's out of the pan.
Gelatin Art Heart Gelatin Art Heart

Assemble small desserts into a larger one using a heart shaped baking pan.
Valentines Day Cake Valentines Day Cake

Valentine's day candy is often packed in plastic heart-shaped containers. See if you can spot one that is deep enough to fill with gelatin. This will make a great reusable mold for gelatin desserts in the future.
Gelatin Art Mold

At the end of the day, it's the though that counts. Sometimes, a single flower, given with the right attitude, says more than a large cake.
Gelatin art rose


To find out more about making gelatin art visit our instructions page here.


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