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Gelatin Art Dessert With Edible Lace

Edible Lace

Edible lace can be used to elevate the look of any cake. Gelatin art desserts are no exception.

Intricate lace patterns create a timeless, elegant look and make your desserts seem more sophisticated.

When you draw just one or two flowers in a larger dish, you can use edible lace to fill the empty space.

Add a layer of clear gelatin and submerge the lace into it.
Edible lace

Finish the dessert with colorful background to make the white lace stand out.
Edible lace with gelatin Rose Lace

Use as much or as little as you like. Covering just one corner or the dessert can create an interesting look too.
Pink Rose

To find detailed instructions and recipes visit our Edible Lace Instructions page here.

Below is a video showing how to make a pink rose gelatin art dessert with lace:


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