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Interesting Pumpkin Halloween Dessert


Halloween Dessert

This article describes how to make a dessert that resembles a pumpkin. To learn the basics of gelatin art, you can visit our instructions page or watch our online class here.

To start this dessert, make a batch of clear gelatin using any flavor you like and leave it to set for a few hours in the fridge.

While you wait, select a design you wish to use and draw it on a piece of paper to use as a guide. You can use the drawing as reference or place it underneath the container to duplicate the design in gelatin.

Remember to cut on the outside of the marked line. The piece on the inside will remain visible in the final design.

Cutting guide 

Once the jelly is firm enough to cut, carve out the shape of the eyes, nose and lips using a gelatin cutting tool.

 Gelatin Carving Tool Gelatin Carving tool

If you do not have a cutting tool, you can use a thin strip of plastic or metal. Hold the two strip ends between your fingers to create a loop.

Cut Plastic Plastic Loop

Be very careful when cutting plastic containers and metal cans. Both plastic and metal pieces can be very sharp and cause injury!

When the eyes, nose and lips have been defined, carve the rest of the space using vertical lines slightly curved towards the edge of the container.

Pumpkin pattern Carve pumpkin

Heat the melting tool in boiling water and smooth out the rough edges created by the cutting tool.

Melinting tool Melting tool

Do not make the surface completely smooth. Leave uneven edges to simulate the rough look of a real pumpkin.

When the pumpkin face surface is finished. Prepare some cream color base.

You can use one color for the whole dessert or use two shades to make a more realistic pumpkin. Pour the darker shade first and wait for a few minutes until it thickens up.

Orange jelly Orange jelly

Pour the lighter shade on top of the darker one making sure it doesn't overflow and cover the eyes and lips. Leave the dessert in the fridge to set.

While you wait, prepare another batch of clear gelatin. 

If you want to make an orange flavored jelly, boil the peel of one orange in water for a few minutes. Use this water to prepare the yellow jelly. 

You can flavor the entire dessert using this method, but keep in mind that the peel will cause a slight yellowish tint in the jelly.

Add more flavor or yellow color if desired and pour the cooled-down jelly onto the pumpkin face.

Orange Peel Orange jelly

Leave the dessert in the fridge to set for a few hours.

When you are ready to take the dessert out, lower the container into warm water until the edges have detached from the sides and the dessert spins freely in the container.

Cover the container with a large, transparent plate and turn them both upside down to allow the dessert to fall onto the plate. Do this above the kitchen sink and allow excess liquid gelatin to drip into the sink. Wash your hands and all spilled excess immediately with warm water. Gelatin will become sticky when it dries.

Your dessert is now ready. Keep it in the fridge until you are ready to serve it.

Pumpkin Jelly

When you serve the dessert, place the plate over battery-powered lights. Heat will melt the dessert, so make sure to use low-heat lights or keep the dessert above the lights for a short period of time only.
Do not use real candles for this purpose!

Halloween Dessert


This video shows the process of creating this cake:


If you want to make the dessert a little bit more special, you can draw flowers in the jelly before you carve the pumpkin face out.

3D Jelly

 This will create a nice flower crown for your pumpkin:

Lady Pumpkin


To learn more about Gelatin Art, visit our instructions page here.


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