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A Refreshing Gelatin Art Cake For Hot Summer Days!

Amazing Gelatin Art Cake

Are you looking for a light and refreshing dessert to serve on these hot summer days? 

Well, how about this amazing and colorful gelatin art cake with a creamy mousse filling?

If you are new to gelatin art, here is the basic idea on how gelatin art desserts are made. 

Clear gelatin is prepared much like store bought jell-o and left in the fridge to set overnight. When it's firm and ready, milk and sugar flower petals are drawn in using a syringe and a needle. 

Detailed instructions on how to make gelatin art can be found on our Instructions page

Gelatin Art Flower

You can serve them as individual desserts...

Gelatin Art

... or assemble a large cake and impress you friends and family with an amazing treat they have never seen before.

Gelatin Art Instructions

Gelatin Art Cake

Gelatin art cake

Click on the image below to see step-by-step instructions on how this amazing colorful gelatin art cake is made:

Gelatin Art Cake